5 Easy Things You Can Do Today

Wouldn't this just make you feel warm and fuzzy walking down the street?


Ok, I care, and I get that I should be involved, but where do I even start? 

Here are 5 things you can do quickly and easy in your everyday life to show that you are a visible, active ally who is working to change the culture in your workplace, c0mmunity, and the world:


1. Change your language.
How uncomfortable would it be to have to clarify (if you’re a guy) every time someone asks if you have a girlfriend? Get comfortable and make an example by using gender-neutral terms like partner, spouse, or significant other.

2. Be visible.
Use physical and visual cues to show that you’re an ally. You’re not really that insecure, are you? C’mon, you can stick a rainbow sticker on your cubicle. Think how much it might comfort that analyst of yours who’s struggling with whether to come out at work.

3. Bring it up.
Start a casual conversation with your team or lunch group about their experiences with LGBT friends, and how inclusive they think your office is. Gay people get forced into these conversations all the time; why not take a turn chatting and answering some questions?

4. Point it out.
When you see something, say something: not just for unattended luggage anymore. The worst thing you can do if you hear a homophobic joke or word used out of context (like "that's so gay," for example) is to ignore and tacitly accept it. Ask the person why they think that’s ok to say, and share your view that it can be hurtful.

5. Show up.
Step out of your comfort zone, just for once, and attend a meeting or event focused on LGBT equality.


 Download a 5 Easy Things Flyer for your office, cubicle, locker, or hallway to show your support and educate your friends.

 Want more? Find more opportunities to take action on our What Allies Can Do page, or Join Us to start an ally program of your own.