LGBT Fast Facts

10 facts every ally should know: Use these to start conversations, respond to the skeptics, and educate your friends and co-workers about why LGBT issues are still a really big deal.


1. Your friends and colleagues can be legally fired or evicted in 29 states just for being gay. Movement Advancement Project

2. 53% of your LGBT colleagues are closeted at work. Human Rights Campaign

3. Laws don’t protect gay kids from bullying in 30 states. Movement Advancement Project

4. Openly gay male job applicants are 40% less likely to be granted an interview. American Journal of Sociology

5. Up to 43% of gay and lesbian people, and 90% of trans people, have experienced harassment or discrimination. American Journal of Public Health, National Transgender Discrimination Survey

6. Same-sex couples are denied a whopping 1,138 federal rights that straight couples have, if they live in one of the 31 states where they can't get married. Freedom to Marry

7. Legal inequalities can cost same-sex couples almost $500k over the course of a lifetime. New York Times

8. 40% of homeless kids identify as LGBT. Forty to None Project

9. Gay, lesbian and bisexual kids are 4x more likely to attempt suicide than straight kids. The Trevor Project

10. Equality is good for business: the buying power of the LGBT community is estimated at $830B. Witeck Communications


Courtesy of Freedom to Work

Courtesy of Freedom to Work

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