MBA Ally Challenge


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The Participants


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Collective potential impact:

17,000 emerging business leaders


The 2014-2015 MBA Ally Challenge is made possible with the support of

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Rankings as of Jan 2015 (updated quarterly)

Rankings are based on an equally weighted average of 1) membership (% of student body who have participated), 2) activities (number of ally engagement activities implemented), and 3) inclusion score (responses to a pre-Challenge LGBT campus culture survey). Detailed data is below.

UC Berkeley Haas1BU School of Management13
Michigan Ross2Vanderbilt Owen14
UPenn Wharton3Carnegie Mellon Tepper15
Columbia Business School4Dartmouth Tuck16
UVA Darden5Harvard Business School17
Wake Forest University6Cornell Johnson18
USC Marshall7Georgetown McDonough19
Northwestern Kellogg8Chicago Booth20
Duke Fuqua9NYU Stern21
Rochester Simon10UNC Kenan-Flagler22
UCLA Anderson11Stanford GSBNR*
UT Austin McCombs12

*Not ranked due to insufficient data in pre-Challenge culture survey (<50 responses)


Inclusion Rank vs Overall Rank

Here's how the current standings rank up against Businessweek's 2014 MBA rankings:

MBAAC winter rank vs BW rank



Schools are ranked on an equally weighted average of the three MBA Ally Challenge criteria: 1) membership as a % of student body, 2) activities, and 3) inclusion score. The data used in the rankings calculation is below: 1) Membership, as reported by LGBT student group leaders, is the % of the total student body who have participated in at least one LGBT-related event or campaign. 2) Activities are the total number of events or campaigns executed by the LGBT student group that contain an ally component. 3) Inclusion scores are the aggregate of positive student responses to five questions in a Challenge pre-survey measuring perceived inclusiveness of LGBT campus culture.

Rankings are updated quarterly throughout the school year. Final rankings will include updated inclusion scores from an end-of-year post survey.

MBAAC winter rank details


About the MBA Ally Challenge

The Friendfactor MBA Ally Challenge is an annual friendly competition among business schools to build the most LGBT-inclusive campuses they can over the course of the school year. Participating schools are evaluated on three criteria:

  1. Membership: Percentage of the student body who participate in at least one activity
  2. Activities: Number of ally-related events or campaigns executed
  3. Inclusion score: Scores on pre and post surveys measuring LGBT inclusiveness on campus

Initial standings are based on pre-survey inclusion scores. Standings are then updated quarterly and calculated by an equal weighting of the 3 evaluation criteria (33% for membership, 33% for activities, and 33% for inclusion score). Final standings are calculated using end of the year post-survey inclusion scores and are announced in June.


In addition to its rank, each school may achieve Gold, Silver, or Bronze status by achieving the following membership and activity milestones:

Bronze ProgramSilver ProgramGold Program
Membership (% of student body)10%25%50%

The 2014-2015 school year is the 3rd annual MBA Ally Challenge, which launched in Fall 2012 and has nearly doubled year-over-year. Last year's 12 participating schools activated over 4,300 students and executed 106 ally-related activities across their campuses. Their efforts improved the inclusiveness of campus culture such that nearly 50% more LGBT students felt comfortable being out to everyone on campus by the end of the school year - an increase from 42% to 62%, putting these schools far above the national workplace average of 47% openly LGBT professionals. The Challenge has been featured in Businessweek, The Huffington Post, Clear Admit, and the MIT Sloan and Kellogg websites, among others.


Past Results

Here's a rundown of the past participants and reigning champions:

School2013-2014 Rank2012-2013 Rank
Columbia Business School11
Northwestern Kellogg2
Michigan Ross3
MIT Sloan4
UCLA Anderson5
Duke Fuqua63
Chicago Booth7
UVA Darden72
Carnegie Mellon Tepper9
Harvard Business School10
UNC Kenan-Flagler115
Dartmouth Tuck12
Yale School of Management4
George Washington6