What Allies Can Do


Never again ask the question "what can allies do to show our support?"  

Below are a gaggle of activities allies can do to create a more LGBT-inclusive culture at work or school. They're organized by the category of the activity (education, visibility, and action) and how much energy you have (for basic, intermediate, and expert ninja allies).

Roll over each activity for a brief description, and contact us for more details, step-by-step guides, or to schedule a facilitated activity workshop.


Basic activitiesRoundtable discussions Swag campaign Formal program launch
'5 easy things you can do today' campaign '3 things you may not know about me' campaign30 days campaign
Burning questions'I'm an ally because...' campaign
'Start a conversation' campaign
Member sign-up drive
Intermediate activitiesLGBT 101 Ally TrainingAlly pledgesAlly networking event
Self-education resourcesLGBT storytellingAlly professional development event
Ally newsletterAlly storytellingAlly speaker event
Role models
Expert ninja activitiesLGBT 201 Ally Trainings
[Click for training topics]
It Gets Better videoVolunteer events with LGBT organizations
[Click for How-to topics]
External visibility campaignAlly mentoring
Article clubAlly awardsAlly participation in Pride & National Coming Out Day planning
Movie & TV show screeningsGet out the vote campaign
Phone banking
Fundraising event
Ally conference


 Want more? We have step-by-step guides to help execute many of these activities, and are building more every day. Contact us for more info and access to the guides.

 Starting an ally program? We also have recommendations for building the infrastructure for a sustainable and effective ally program, beyond just the activities. Join us to get all the info, plus access to quarterly calls and connections to the broader ally community!