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Friendfactor piloted the first-ever Workplace Ally Challenge in 2014. The Challenge was postponed in 2015, and in the meantime Friendfactor is working with companies one-on-one to help launch and grow their ally initiatives. If you are interested in gaining information or support from Friendfactor on ally training or engagement, please feel free to get in touch.


About the Workplace Ally Challenge

The Workplace Ally Challenge is a friendly competition among businesses to engage as many employees as possible in building LGBT-friendly workplace culture. In 2014, companies for the first time had the opportunity to evaluate and be recognized for their progress in creating inclusive workplaces, not just in policy but in practice.

Eight Fortune 500 corporations participated in the inaugural 2014 Workplace Ally Challenge, representing six industries, six geographies, and over 500k employees across the United States. They collectively activated nearly 2,000 employees as allies and collectively created a workplace culture where 50% more people heard colleagues speak up about LGBT issues at work.

Participating companies launched or grew their LGBT ally initiatives with resources and support from Friendfactor and their peer companies, and were evaluated on an equally weighted average of 3 metrics:

  • Membership: Number of employees participating
  • Activities: Number of ally-related events or campaigns executed
  • Inclusion: Inclusiveness of company culture, as reported by employees in short pre and post surveys


In addition to awards, each company was eligible to achieve BronzeSilver, or Gold program status when they achieve the following milestones:

Membership5% of office10% of office25% of office

Each company received Friendfactor ally leader training, survey deployment and analysis, activity resources and templates, bimonthly check-ins with peer companies, and on-demand troubleshooting to design and execute a winning ally engagement strategy.


2014 Winners

1st Place


2nd Place


3rd Place

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2014 Final Program Status


500+ members, 6+ activities

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300+ members, 4+ activities


100+ members, 2+ activities

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Challenge Statistics

Final achievement numbers, January to June 2014

MembershipActivitiesAwareness Score
(Scale of 1-5)
Culture Score
(Scale of 1-5)
Total Goal1,50042Start of Challenge2.893.26
Total Actual1,89369End of Challenge3.403.59
% of Goal126%164%Lift18%10%


Thanks to our Founders Circle of supporters who made the launch of the Workplace Ally Challenge possible.


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